Toward a Shared Presence: The PACSCL Diaries Project

The PACSCL Diaries Project allows researchers an intimate view into a wide variety of personalities, largely from Philadelphia, as they went about their daily lives and commented on the world around them.

The project provides an online archive of diaries drawn from PACSCL member collections. Users are able to view the diaries in a page-turning interface. They will also be able to download high-resolution images of the pages for offline viewing and reuse. The diaries are offered as free cultural works and can be downloaded in bulk..

The project served as a proof-of-concept for a pilot group of 53 diary volumes mounted on OPenn, accessible on this site using the page-turning interface. They can all be accessed via the “View the Diaries” link at the top of the page. The site also includes links to a group of Penn Libraries diaries that have not yet been incorporated.

Additional diaries are not being incorporated at this time.